Sunday, August 15, 2010

Check it Out

Oh, fun...the July Ann. Of Heart and the first bonus block are posted on Alma's blog! I like the bonus block. Not sure about July. It is quite different. Heads up...Crescent Colors Camo....don't even know how to spell it...will be needed if you want to stitch as charted.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Bad !

How can it possibly be more than a month since I have posted here?  My great granddaughter was born three + weeks ago, and that has consumed me, at least mentally, since then.  The blog I have going for her is up to date!

Anyway...last night was BlackBird night at Carol's.  It was just Carol, Rose, Toni, and I.  We had a great time.  No major news about our BBD projects.  Rose and I continued work on our Anniversaries of the Heart; Rose is working on April, I am on May.  I would have to guess that July will be published soon, although I haven't read anything about this on Alma's blog yet.  Carol continued work on her autumn piece.  She put a few stitches in on the big yellow moon behind the house. That would be a great finish for fall if she can finish it up in the next month or so. Toni now has a front door and some of the windows on the house on one of the recent Loose Feathers project...the one with LOTS of birds!

I'll publish some updated photos soon...I promise!