Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nice to Be Back

Hi, Stitchers,

It is nice to be back in blogland.  I started looking at blogs again just in time to get into Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year SAL, which is much fun and very exciting to see which of The Scarlet Letter Samplers 200 different stitchers are currently working on, converse around the world, pick up interesting info, etc.

Bottom line is that between the Scarlet Letter SAL and my Ann Bowers sampler (see my other blog ) I can't see much time for stitching BBD projects.  I must say though, that I have bought three of the Nashville releases, and I am in love with Honeybee Hill, both patterns.

Here is my new BBD stash:

The three new BBD designs I bought
and most of the threads for the Honeybee projects.
I usually change some of the threads on BBD, but so far I liked the colors called for...we'll see.  MY LNS was sold out of three of the colors...when all else fails, look in stash...I think I probably have two of the three.

I never did post a photo of my framed BBD piece from last year that I stitched in memory of my mother.  Although this isn't a great picture, here is the framed Wild Garden.  I put my mom's initials and years of birth and death on it.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I chose a wide frame to make this smallish piece more important.
I think it came out great.

Hope all of you are having at least some good weather this weekend.  Ours is beautiful today.  I sympathize with those who have had such a difficult winter after a difficult autumn.

Happy stitching...