Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Dance !

I am doing the happy dance this morning.  My circular piece stitched from A Stitcher's Journey, which BBD calls Thistle House Sewing Box, has found its home.  Since the beautiful embossed round box in the book is no longer available, I decided to have my stitching put into one of the little round boxes that are available now.  Not big enough to be called a sewing box - I guess I'll call it a treasure box.  I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

Special thanks to Carol and Katie at Crafty Ewe
who worked and fought
to get the mat and everything in this little box,
breaking finger nails in the process,
and getting a very pleasing result.


  1. Hello :)

    I've just found your blog. Nice to see your works! Great box...
    Kind regards,
    organizer of this blog:

  2. B, I think I figured out how to add the feed to my e-mail! I LOVE the pictures of the hydrangeas. The little box looks great on the site! I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your blog; I don't want to be one of your LAME friends that never posts a comment! LOL Talk to you soon! T