Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stitching Other Than BlackBird

I have decided not to continue to limit this blog to BlackBird Designs projects,
in part because I have started,
or am about to start a couple of projects from Brenda Gervais...
With thy Needle and Thread

I have started the cross stitched version of Bunny & Company. 
Unfortunately I have no chance of finishing this by Easter.  Oh well.

I (and a couple hundred thousand others) have been following
the eagle nest cam from Iowa for the past month,
thanks to the heads up on Brenda's blog.
A little group of eaglet follows have formed on her blog
and as a result Brenda quickly designed a cute little primitive sampler
entitled "Soar"
depicting the nest in the tree, the farm location,
the parents and three chicks, etc.
$5 from the sale of each sampler goes to
the Raptor Research group who is 
hosting this nest cam and many other projects. 
It has been so much fun watching this nest. 
Today, unfortunately, the eagle family's nest was covered in snow
for the second time in a week.

Anyway, the StitchALong for the Soar sampler officially started yesterday,
so I will be posting some photos of my progress on this project as I go. 
(Haven't started it yet.)

Also, a bunch of friends and I will be receiving the first of three patterns
for Brenda's Mystery Birds of a Feather in about three weeks.
Look for different photos of this once we get started on that fun project.

BlackBird Designs and Beyond!

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