Monday, April 2, 2012

Wild Garden Progress

I worked on BBD Wild Garden over the weekend and made some progress.  I really like this little design.  It's fun to watch it coming together, although it seems like a lot of color changes...but worth it.  I started this the day before I learned that my mother had taken a turn for the worst.  She died ten days ago.  Now that I am back to working on it, I plan to put her initials on top and list her birth and passing years toward the bottom, and then have the piece framed.

I don't stitch on 30 count, unless the piece has to be a specific size to fit something, so I am stitching mine on Picture This Plus 40 count Legacy.  The photo shows it a little light.  I am using the specified colors...they are gorgeous...except since I am stitching with one strand of thread, I have to substitute for the mixed color.  Not sure yet, but I might use Dried Thyme in place of the two colors.

What a beautiful day we have here in Cleveland today...much nicer than either of the two weekend days.  Bright sunshine and beautiful blue sky highlighting the trees in bloom or budding out.  Perfect!  Enjoy...


  1. "Wild Garden" is a lovely piece and yours is progressing nicely.

  2. We have to BLEND a color?!? With overdyes?!? Do I sound like those other complainers?!? LOL It really is a beautiful piece and you are coming along quickly. See you tonight for OBBDG.