Friday, September 4, 2009

First Real Meeting

Some ordering of new BBD patterns took place, along with much stash searching at Carol and Rose's houses.

Our first meeting was held on August 20 at Rose's, following some delicious dinners at Olive Garden. We had great fun checking out each other's BBD collections. A list was made of the 38 Loose Feathers designs and among the 3 of us, we have all but 3 of these designs - subject to change as Carol and Rose dig deeper into stash nooks and crannies. Rose showed us a couple of wonderful finished projects.

I am pushing wacky and whimsical for this group. In that mood I made a motion to name a bird-shaped sweet potato that I have that sprouted wings - loose feathers - as our mascot for 2009. Her picture will be shown below. I know it's silly, but who cares?!

One rule was made at this meeting - that one must work on a BBD project at least once during each week.

Rose started work on Loose Feather #19, Quaker Garden. Carol started LF # 22, Moonlit Garden. I borrowed Rose's copy of Blessings be Thine, which I will begin stitching. A fun evening!

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  1. You should see our mascot now...her feathers are really long...and loose!