Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rose shared her recipe for Cranberry Relish with me...and I am sharing it with you.  She gave me some grief for never having gone past opening a can of Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, and slicing it on a plate.  Well, this will be the year that we try an updated cranberry side dish on Thanksgiving!

I am slightly embarrassed (but only slightly) to say that I have ordered a pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Early on it was just too confusing about how many were actually going to show up for dinner, so I just opted for the easy way out.  I plan to supplement the dinner with some home made trimmings, however.  One of which will be this relish.  I have also printed out a couple of recipes for stuffing cooked inside a hollowed out pumpkin.  I might give this a try.  It looks really festive.

Does anyone have any fun and maybe a little unusual side dish recipes they would like to share?

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