Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too Much Fun !

We just had a three day "weekend" that was one of my most fun times in recent memory! 

Rose's Halloween stitching weekend was filled with fun, laughter, stitching, show and tell, food, sharing, laughter, ideas, creativity, food, giggles, fun, fun, and more fun!  Yes, I know I repeated some of those words, but they needed to be repeated!  So many wonderful stitched finishes and WIPs to check out. Lots of ideas shared by those with more stitch knowledge and experience than I have.  Mulling things over and coming up with new ideas together.  I just can't express how much fun I have had over the past three days.  Can you ever have too much fun?  I must admit it feels good to be back to something close to  "normal" this morning...even to face some of the must-do responsibilities that have to be seen to today.  A good balance for now.

I have so many photos to put on this blog...many brought BBD projects for show and tell...and other projects, as well.  I will be putting photos and stories on here throughout the week. 

I'll be back here after taking care of more pressing things.  For now I want to thank everyone who made this such a fun time...and especially to Rose who opens her home to a dozen or two stitch-happy women every couple of months...and kudos to David who not only so graciously tolerates his home being taken over by giggling women, but assists in quiet little ways.

Since we were talking about quotes from Shakespeare yesterday (many of which I can't say I fully understand!) I will end for now with this one:

I can no other answer make but thanks.  And thanks!
William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

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