Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last night was our December BBD meeting.  Lenore, Carol, Rose, and I splurged and went out for a nice dinner at Longhorn and then came back to my house for stitching, sharing, cookie eating, and just good fun.  We sat in the TV room with the tree lit and it really felt like the Christmas season.  Sorry that once again, I didn't have the house warm enough for my guests.  I'm so used to trying to keep the gas bill down that I am used to chilly!

I worked a little on my Sarah Tobias needle roll, which I hadn't looked at in a couple of months.  Carol went back to her autumn piece, which is coming along nicely.  Basically she has the bricks on the house, the big moon, a few more stars, and the words to complete.  Lenore started work on the piece on red fabric...the design that she borrowed from Rose a month or so ago.  I should have written down the name if it.  Will get more information next time.  Rose continued work on her Merry Christmas sampler from the Joyeux Noel book.  As you can see, she has eliminated the snowflake top border and is using the holly on both the top and bottom.  I, for one, think this makes for a much classier look.  If I do this piece, I, too, will do the double holly border.  What does everyone think?

It was a fun night.  Leaves you in a nice Christmas spirit to gear up for the week to come.  Stay in the spirit, everyone. 

P.S.  Yea...up to six followers...thanks, Rose! 8-)

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