Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anniversaries of the Heart

Here is my start to the Anniversaries of the Heart series. 
I have barely started February...hope to catch up by the time the April design is released. 

I am stitching all designs on one piece of 40 count bisque from Lakeside Linens.
I hope the fabric color ends up being a good choice.
It's hard to know what to choose when just a fraction of the designs
are available, but I'm sure it will work out.
I am using thread colors of my own choosing...
some as specified, some my preference.

I am dedicating my first month to my grandmother, Anna Bach Gross,
who taught me to embroider and to love fabric and fibers
when I was about eight years old.
I still have to look up the year she was born,
so I can include this in the January block.

Love these little designs.  I can hardly wait to see my BBD village as it takes shape.


  1. You did a lot already: beautiful! I started Snow Garden yesterday and can't stop stitching.

  2. Hi, Ineke. Welcome to my humble little blog. I loved stitchng Snow Garden. I just found out the year my grandmother was born so I will go back and fill that in. I love how my color choice turned out...I wanted mine to look more like the photo of the piece than the actual colors looked. Are you changing any colors, or stitching as charted?

  3. I am stitching as charted and love the colours.
    I also stitched initials and year of birth of my grandmother (mom's mother) on Snow Garden.

  4. Ineke -

    The grandmother on my Snow Garden is my mom's mother, too. We lived next door to them for several years, and she taught me much.

    Your blog is really nice. Your stitching is awesome!

  5. Thanks! My mom's mother died when I was five years old. They lived far away and a visit was quite an expedition with two toddlers and a baby, so I can't remember much of her.