Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anniversaries - No. 4

If you check Alma's blog you can see a photo of Anniversaries of the Heart No. 4, Pink Hill Manor.  I think this is my favorite so far...just love it and the colors.  Maybe I should have waited for the dedication I used in my February block, but it's too late now!  This should be in shops in a week or so. 

After tomorrow (madly reading my selection for our book club that meets then) I'd better get going on finishing February.  Then at least I'll be working on March when April comes out.

How is everybody else coming on their Anniversaries piece?



  1. Thank you for mentioning the photo of AotH #4. It is another lovely one!
    I am stitching the Frosty Knotgarden now, but planned to stitch #2 and #3 later this month.

  2. It happens to be mom and dad's anniversary, too!