Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversaries - No. 5 and Loose Feathers - No. 39

Alma has announced on her blog that Anniversaries 5 and Loose Feathers 39 (and final) will be out shortly.  The LF project is shown on the blog and there is a sneak peek of the blue house (finally, a blue house) on No. 5. 

How will I ever keep up?  And how will I ever have time for the projects other than BBD that I want to do?

Also, the Yahoo BlackBird group starts their Sumer SAL on Friday.  Not too late to sign up and work on the BBD project of your choice.  I think about 30 are signed up so far.  I'm going to stitch June Berries for the SAL.

Hope everyone can squeeze in some time for a little stitching today.  Enjoy the summer weather!

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