Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anniversaries of the Heart

Here are updated photos of my January and February blocks of Anniversaries of the Heart (top) and Rose's two blocks (bottom).  We are both enjoying this project a lot.

I have a little bit to finish on the March block and have a little done on April; Rose is about half way through March.  If you aren't planning to do this project, you're missing a lot.  The little houses are so much fun to stitch, not to mention the decisions about colors to use and to whom to dedicate each month. 


  1. Both pieces are very beautiful.
    Did you both choose your own colours for this project? I am using the recommended colours and linen and still have to start the March house.

  2. Thanks, Ineke.

    These charts have shown me how much photography changes things! (Including me own above.) In all cases so far, except the house on the March piece, I wanted my stitching to look like the photos, not what the threads used seemed to me.
    Rose liked my January (which is more pastel than it looks above) and decided to stitch Anniversaries in very muted colors. I'll try again for better pictures some day when I can use sunlight.

    My colors are about half substitutions. Rose's are probably 75% her own. I call her Anniversaries "Misty Watercolor Memories"!