Monday, July 11, 2011

Lots of BlackBird Sightings

Carol, Linda, and I went up to the Kindred Spirits meeting yesterday.  Some members of the group stitched Blackbird Design projects for display.  Those who completed their projects received a certificate and silver needle charm.  Really nice. 

The above might have been Debbie's. 
I don't remember for sure.

Congratulations to all who completed these designs.  A few of the finishes are shown below.  Please excuse the glare from the overhead lights in some of the pictures.  Also, I cut the names off a couple of them where full names were shown, and I didn't ask permission to publish that.

It was a fun afternoon.  As usual, lots of good food, with a nice Americana display on the table.

It was good to see Debbie again.

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