Sunday, August 21, 2011


Where does time go?  How can it possibly be almost the end of August already?
Winter certainly doesn't seem like the proverbial "yesterday",
but it is hard to believe that in just over a week it will be September.

I'm not complaining...September is one of my favorite months.
July and August are not.

I'm just thinking about what I have accomplished this year...or not.
I have stitched many of the pieces in BBD's
A Stitcher's Journey.
How many of them are finished off?  One.
I did finish Part One of the Summer Loose Feathers,
and am waiting patiently for Parts Two and Three.
I'm almost finished with Woodland Berries
from the Summer LF booklet.

But I'm really feeling like there are too many things...
stitching and otherwise...
that aren't complete.

Luckily I usually get remotivated in the fall.
Let's hope that helps put things in the "finished" column.
I wish the same to all of you.

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