Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Start...Whether I Need it or Not!

I'm going to our little BBD group tonight.  And I had some good news today.  So I have decided that this should be celebrated with a new project start!  (Yes, I know, I am still only half way through Anniversaries of the Heart and 2011 Loose Feathers.)  Not to mention that two new BBD patterns are available any day now!

Can you guess what my start is going to be from this?
Give up?  Or did you get it right?

Yes, I'm itching to start on Spring's Song - Jewelry Box.  I love the look of this, and it certainly seems like a perfect project to celebrate the beautiful month of May.

I have been watching her progress, and now drooling over Brenda's Spring's Song finish, and I can't restrain myself any longer!  And while you're visiting Brenda's blog...aren't her cottages just the cutest?  (Another project that I am woefully behind on.)

I wish all of you a wonderful month of May and hope that your spring stitching is going well.  I hope I have some real progress to show you on this project soon.

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  1. heheh a new start is fun isn't it and its a gorgeous one to boot ... and how far behind are with the cottages ?? I've done the first two and started march .... love mouse xxxx