Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BBD Quilt

Have you seen the new quilt in progress on the BBD site?  It is beautiful.  I wish I was a better quilter...and had more time! 

Speaking of time, I have none right now.  I am just procrastinating before running the errands that I really need to do.  So if you have a minute and haven't seen it, check out the quilt and the scalloped borders.  Beautiful.  Sounds like a beautiful book coming out.  How do they do it all?  Got to run!


  1. Hi MoonBeam, Not sure I did my comment right. Will try again. Love your picture. BlackBird has great designs. I got their new wood form called the cupcake and not need to stitch the design.

  2. Well, well...Hi, Slow! I almost called you last night. Seems like forever. What do you mean about don't need to stitch the design on the cupcake?