Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BBD Things New and Old

To the left is a photo of my finished and framed February Hearts.  How good it feels to have something totally completed!  I hung it on an empty nail that I use for seasonal items in my great room.  Just extending the Valentine feeling into Spring, I guess!

23 of us got together at Rose's on Saturday for a stitching weekend...on the first spring-like weekend here.  How rejuvinating and fun.  Thanks, Rose.

Lots of buzz about all the fun new items from the Nashville market.  I think the most excitement that I've seen has been generated by the new BBD book, Honeysuckle Manor.  Those gals really know how to put together a work of art.  Just dreaming your way through the book is great fun.

Love the first two designs in Anniversaries of the Heart.  I'm trying to decide whether to stitch them as individuals or together as suggested.  I'm mulling over fabric colors in case I decide to stitch them together, which is a big decision.  All part of the process.

The two little bird patterns are cute, too.  I've stitched the Bluebird; it is half way through becoming a little pin cushion.  Still waiting for the back ordered square pattern with the red bird.  Also a quick and easy stitch.  Those feel good once in a while, don't they?!

I hope all of you are in a Spring mood, looking forward to what is to come.  Enjoy your day.

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